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Purpose & Ideas (P&I) is committed to helping identify and activate the potential that exists in people and in groups to address the challenges they face and better serve their purpose. We create spaces and facilitate processes that awaken collective intelligence. By collaborating with our partners, and based on systemic approaches, we co-create ideas and actions to address complex and wicked problems.

P&I was born in 2012 as Politics & Ideas, a joint initiative of researchers and practitioners to co-produce and share innovative knowledge and support evidence-informed public policies in developing countries. Based on what we learned by working with diverse stakeholders in the evidence and policy ecosystem we have decided to expand our focus to complement knowledge with other ways to generate ideas that can inspire new actions for the good of all.

Passion Led Us Here


We are a small core team but we see P&I as a larger network of organisations and people that are increasingly interested in finding co-creative ways to address shared challenges. We have worked at CSOs, think tanks, international organisations, government agencies, and universities. Our diverse backgrounds enrich our approach and strengthen our service.

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Clara Richards   

Clara is a curious development practitioner, eager to understand how public good can be achieved for all. For years she has been exploring the interface between knowledge and policy and more recently she started working to learn how innovation can solve wicked problems by integrating the use of evidence with systems and design thinking. 

More about Clara

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Leandro Echt  

Leandro is curious about power dynamics within organisations and processes. He likes to support organisations that work to address the problems of the most vulnerable groups of our societies, with a focus on equity and inclusion. He is also passionate about fostering organizational learning through evaluations of multi-year and multi-country interventions.  

More about Leandro

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Vanesa Weyrauch  

Vanesa is the proud mother of Uma, Teo and Félix and is committed to paving the way for their growth by doing work that is meaningful for her and others.  She feels that her purpose is to help unravel the potential of persons and organisations that can lead into a new working and living paradigm that builds on collective intelligence and the integration of mind and heart.

More about Vanesa

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Partners and networks 


We have strategic partnerships with INASP (UK), Capability 
(Finland) and Using evidence (Canada) with whom we have worked together for a long time now. We are grateful to have found partners who share our spirit and working ethos: we complement each other, share opportunities and what we learn, and continuously nurture our relationships.

We have worked with and for: Global Development Network, International Development Research Centre/Think Tank Initiative, Open Society Foundations/Think Tank Fund, ILAIPP (Latin America), UNICEF, FAO, United Nations Evaluation Group, Rimisp (Chile), CIPPEC (Argentina), ASIES (Guatemala), Grupo FARO (Ecuador), PACKS-Africa, On Think Tanks, Ministry of Education (Trinidad & Tobago), Ministry of Modernization (Argentina), and many other international organisations, CSOs, think tanks and consultancy firms.

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