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Vanesa Weyrauch

For two decades now, she has worked in the field of policy and research, especially in Latin America, through knowledge generation, capacity building, monitoring, evaluation and learning, technical assistance and mentorship.


She has pioneered online learning by creating the first platform offer courses on policy influence planning, research communication and monitoring and assessment of policy influence, by training regional organizations as well as organizations from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. She is also an expert in evaluation and has worked with international organizations like UNICEF, Save the Children, IDB, GDN, OSI/TTF, DFID TTI/IDRC and others.

Besides being a member of Purpose and Ideas, Vanesa has co-founded Animarnos in Argentina, a space to help persons and organisations wishing to unravel their potential in different life scenarios, She also works for Vivir Agradecidos, a foundation that promotes gratitude as a way of living a healthy and happy life.

She is volunteer at the foster home Amaranta. She is currently participating in the creation of Land of Gratitude, a nature-based community that fosters personal and spiritual development.

Vanesa holds a post-graduate Certificate in Management and Administration (Harvard University) and a BA in Social Communications (Universidad Austral).


She is Argentinean, currently based Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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What our team appreciates about Vanesa

Her creativity, persistence, courage and integrity

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