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Leandro Echt

Leandro is a political scientist with over 12 years of experience in the public policy field focused on supporting the use of knowledge in decision making and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes, with focus on equity and inclusion. 


He works with think tanks, international organisations, NGOs and government agencies, through capacity building, mentoring, research and consultancy projects including programme evaluations and organisational assessments.  


He has worked in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, West Africa, Southern Africa, South East Asia and the Pacific, and South Asia.  


He is also Associate at the International Network for the Advance of Science and policy (INASP), On Think Tanks and chair of the global network of facilitators International Support Group. Before joining P&I, he was Coordinator of Advocacy, Monitoring and Evaluation at CIPPEC.  


Leandro holds an MA in Public Policies and Development Management (Georgetown University and Universidad de San Martín), a Specialisation in Public Policy and Gender Justice (Latin American Council of Social Sciences), a Diploma on Evaluation of Public Policies (Universidad de San Martín), and a BA in Political Science (Universidad de Buenos Aires).  


He is Argentinean, currently based in Florida, United States. 

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What our team appreciates about Leandro

His sense of justice, his humility, his open mind, his social intelligence and his prudence 

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