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Our Work

Innovating in organisations

Many organisations and leaders desire to better embrace change. We assist you in that process.


Leaders have traditionally played a pivotal role in organisations but we need new ways of leading. We inspire and help you to become those leaders.

Facilitating meaningful processes

We connect leaders and groups so that organisational processes are real opportunities to think and act together for a better future.


With a mix of interactive learning approaches and activities we help a wide range of stakeholders share knowledge and learn.


We use different methods and tools that enable more inclusive, agile, and fruitful group interactions.

Learning &

We have experience in multi-country and multi-stakeholder programmes, projects and organisational evaluations that are used to inform decisions. 

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Innovating in organisations

P&I offers organisations a wide range of approaches to navigate change in a positive tone. We help them produce holistic self-assessments (even if focused on one strategic function such as fundraising and governance we approach them as interdependent functions), detect leverage points for change, and decide what actions could be taken for the wellbeing and evolution of everyone.

We have also studied and worked with organisations that are manifesting new co-leadership approaches that enable them to become spaces of innovation, self-organisation, and unravelling of talents and purposes.

Some of our projects

Facilitating meaningful processes

Whether its a strategic planning process, an external consultation or evaluation or the reform of a specific area, our approach is systemic and
participatory: it takes into account the individuals as well as the complexities
of the living systems in which we all exist. Through approaches like design thinking,
Theory U, the Art of Hosting, Liberating Structures and others we create safe spaces that allow collective intelligence to emerge. This then turns into meaningful results.

When we work in change processes, we focus on the visible and measurable elements that contribute to change (processes, capacities, etc.) and also on the invisible ones (culture, ideas, values, etc) which may times remain hidden or implicit.


Some of our projects

Anchor 2 Facilitating

Empowering teams

People relate to each other and collaborate naturally if they are able to connect their personal purpose to the bigger, shared mission and vision of their team and organsisation. to strengthen collaboration within teams.

The more organisations are able to listen and incorporate different voices, views and interests into their creative processes the more effective they will be. We empower collaboration in teams by bringing everyone together in safe spaces where transparent and deep conversations create the necessary trust and empathy to solve challenges and co-create the better possible future.

We use different methods and tools that enable more inclusive, agile, and fruitful interactions such as Liberating structures, the Dare to lead toolkit (Brené Brown), and Agile methods.

Some of our projects

  • Helping Epica develop its manifesto and identity through team collaboration (Argentina) (2021)

  • Empowering middle managers to lead engaged teams  for Latcom (Argentina) (2019)

  • Face to face workshops on “Engaged teams” at American Express (Argentina) (2019)

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Anchor 4 Unfolding

Unfolding leadership

Within our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, more and more leaders today acknowledge that they do not know how to effectively lead and inspire others. 

We support leaders who are transitioning to new ways of co-leading organisations that capitalise on collective intelligence, self-management, and shared purposes. 

We also help leaders integrate different sources of knowledge, ranging from inner wisdom to local and indigenous knowledge and research generated by experts and professionals.


Some of our projects


Evolving capacities

With a mix of interactive learning approaches and activities we help a wide range of stakeholders further develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes to better contribute to their organisations and contexts. We do this with an emphasis on horizontal exchange and an artful combination of theory and practice.

Learning for us needs to be context-relevant and fit for purpose. We always strive to help individuals apply what they learn to their workplace: through development of plans and strategies for their institutions, to mentoring and technical assistance for implementation.

We help participants improve their skills in areas such as policy engagement, policy-relevant research, communications, fundraising, monitoring, evaluation and learning, leadership, and gender and diversity, among others.

Our capacity building activities also integrate good practices from around the world to inspire our participants with new approaches, tools, and ideas and also learn from them.  

Some of our projects

Anchor 5 Evolving

Learning & Evaluating

We contribute to strengthening organisations’ learning culture by designing and applying co-creative, participatory, and diversity-aware evaluation approaches (from data collection, to use and communication), that embrace both successes and failures.

We have vast experience in multi-country and multi-stakeholder programmes, projects and organisational evaluation.

We have extensive knowledge systematization capacity: we produce practical research that can be used in specific ways by different practitioners to inform activities, projects and other decisions.


Some of our projects

  • Evaluation of the global initiative Research4Life. Case study: Honduras (2020)

  • Evaluation of Rimisp’s Project “Transforming Territories” (Chile, Colombia, and Mexico) (2018)

  • Evaluation of Rimisp’s Project “Transforming Territories” (Chile, Colombia, and Mexico) (2016)

  • External Review of Rimisp’s Territorial Cohesion for Development (CTD) Program (2015)

  • Developing MEL strategies for think tanks in Ukraine (2017)

  • Light touch review of the online course Leaders of change: developing Latin American policymakers’ capacity to promote the use of knowledge in policy (2016)

  • Strategic review of Capacity Building Phase 1 and Phase 2 of IDRC´s Think Tank Initiative (Latin America) (2014)

  • Evaluation of the influence of the Rimisp’s program Knowledge and Change in Rural Poverty and Development (Colombia) (2013)

  • Development of Links of policy influence, a methodology to evaluate Rimisp’s initiatives (2013)

  • Development of an M&E methodology to monitor and evaluate the policy impact of Save the Children UK’s EVERY ONE campaign (2010-2011)

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