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Clara Richardsards

Clara works in the public policy field supporting the use of knowledge in decision making with a special focus on systemic change.  


She works with think tanks, international organisations, NGOs and government agencies, through capacity building, mentoring, research. She has led multi-country and multi-year projects in Latin America, South and East Africa and parts of Asia.  


Besides being a member of Purpose and Ideas, Clara is an Associate at the International Network for the Advance of Science and policy (INASP), a global organization working on equity in knowledge systems; and locally, she has co-founded the Milltown Biodiversity and Community Group in Dublin, Ireland.  


Clara holds an MA in International Relations (Science Po and DiTella University) and a BA in Political Science (Universidad de Buenos Aires).  


She is Argentinean, currently based in Dublin, Ireland. 

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What our team appreciates about Clara

Her sense of justice, gracefulness, curiosity, teamwork and love.  

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