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Online course ‘Leaders of change: helping policymakers develop their capacity to promote the use of knowledge in policy’ in Latin America and Africa

​Project brief

Through the effective combination of practical written modules, webinars and exercises, these eight-week online course helped policy makers reflect, debate and interact about how to contribute to a culture of use of evidence in their organisations. The course provided practical tools for participants to leverage the evidence generated by researchers and the public sector when discussing, designing and implementing public policies in their different areas of work. The course promoted debate as well as the exchange of experiences among participants and facilitators provided technical support through personalized, detailed feedback on the exercises presented. 45 policy makers have strengthened their capacity to produce and use evidence through the first two rounds of this course in Latin America (2015) and Africa (2016) (countries in Africa: Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe).

August 2014 - April 2016

Department for International Development (DfID), via INASP VakaYiko/BCURE programme


INASP and AFIDEP (Kenya)

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Online course promotes the use of knowledge and evidence in policy

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