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Strategic review of Capacity Building Phase 1 and Phase 2 of IDRC´s Think Tank Initiative (Latin America)

​Project brief

P&I’s review of the Think Tank Initiative’s capacity development component had two main objectives: to scan the support available to policy research institutions outside of TTI and its grantees, in order to identify new approaches, modalities, or programming areas, and develop concrete recommendations for an is integrated and holistic capacity development approach, which also considers the provision of tailored support to grantees based on their expressed needs. After conducting more than 40 interviews with TTI staff, TTI grantees, TTI mentors and facilitators, and experts in capacity development, P&I submitted a report with the main findings from the review of Phase 1 and the scan of external capacity development programming, and a set of strategic recommendations for Phase 2.

July to September 2014

Think Tank Initiative (IDRC)


Capacity Development within the Think Tank Initiative. A Review with Strategic Recommendations.

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