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An organisational assessment for how evidence is used in the Secretariat of Public Administration (Peru) and the Environmental Protection Agency (Ghana)

​Project brief

P&I and INASP piloted the Context Matters Framework during 2017 and 2018 with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Ghana (in partnership with PACKS), and with the Secretariat for Public Administration of the Prime Minister’s office (SGP) and the Economic and Social Research Consortium (CIES) in Peru and. Each pilot lasted approximately eight months, and included interviews, focus groups, surveys, a series of workshops with internal and external stakeholders. The INASP and P&I team worked in close collaboration with colleagues from the agencies to design and carry out the diagnostic process.


The aim of the pilots were to use the Context-Matters Framework to:

  • develop a systematic diagnosis of a government agency’s capability to inform policy with knowledge;

  • strengthen key relationships between the selected government agency and local knowledge producers;

  • co-develop a change plan including strategies for addressing issues identified in the diagnosis, and consideration of available capacities and resources; and

  • jointly evaluate the progress and results to improve organisational learning.

January 2016 – June 2018

Department for International Development (DfID)



Case study

Supporting organisational change to improve the use of evidence in environmental protection in Ghana

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