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Politics & Ideas one year into the road: what have we achieved?

As we end up our first year of life, at P&I we are even more convinced about the value of co-producing knowledge that will allow us to think critically about the relations between ideas, research, and politics to support a more constructive use of research based evidence in policy making.

During 2013 we have:

Produced a complete research agenda that integrates our efforts and focuses on five strategic issues: politics, ideas, funding, communications and capacity development.

Developed a Topic Guide that summarizes existent knowledge on a number of topic and issues identified during a process of discussion and debate among the team members and others involved.

Worked jointly with CIPPEC to co-produce a paper that synthetizes and shares 20 lessons learned through a 6-year programme that aimed at promoting spaces of engagement between researchers and policymakers.

Shared extensively those lessons and fostered reflection on what they mean and how they can be complemented with what others have learned (see here the fruitful exchange among our guests).

Supported the production of two papers: one focused on the role of ideas in public debates (by Andrea Ordoñez from Ecuador) and the second one that develops a new framework for analyzing the link between research and policy: the political knowledge regime (by Adolfo Garcé from Uruguay)

Shared more than 80 posts with ideas, experiences and reflections on the topics that we are enthusiastic about.

Worked with Southern colleagues to produce diverse capacity building materials:

  1. A module on Research Communications based on the book Communicating complex ideas by Leandro Echt from CIPPEC (coming soon)

  2. A protocol for writing case studies on policy influence with a concrete example co-written by Anne Lan Candelaria from Manila University and a local policymaker, Philipinnes)

  3. A concept note for a webinar on “How to monitor, evaluate and learn about policy influence” by Dena Lomofsky from Southern Hemisphere, South Africa. (coming soon)

  4. A series of modules on “Re-thinking research communications” to be used in future online courses produced by Tomás Garzón de la Roza and myself from P&I.

We are grateful to the diverse pool of researchers and practitioners who have been willing to join our debates, reflections and production as well as to those who have followed us, commented on our posts and expressed interest and support to what we do.

In 2014 we are eager to extend our network of collaborators and associates, and to find with them joint opportunities to continue doing research, producing practical knowledge and developing capacities. We hope to find more individuals and organisations convinced about the value of collaborating and co-building.

In that sense, from January onwards we will feature a new series of posts: “Imagining a better 2014” series where we will share what different researchers, practitioners, donors and experts think about the three following questions:

  1. What are the most important lessons about research and policy that you can take from 2013 to use in 2014?

  2. What is the most important challenge for you in terms of promoting the use of research in policy in 2014?

  3. What could we do more collectively?

We hope that this thread of reflections will further inspire us and you.

Happy end of 2013, and best of wishes for a fruitful 2014!

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