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Time to harvest: a new approach for P&I

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

[This blog post is part of the P&I series where we share our personal and professional journeys and how they link to a re-thinking of P&I and its purpose. Read the previous and the next blog post of the series.]

After several months of exploration and reflections , we have co-designed an approach that enables the manifestation of our principles and which we believe can bring life, soul and value to our and others’ initiatives.

The approach consists of 5 pillars, which weaved together propose a new way of working collectively: more participatory and co-creative, which allows us to integrate our technical knowledge with the intelligence of the heart and based on high levels of listening and empathy. We intend to do that in the following ways:

  1. Start from purpose: we work with our partners to establish a clear and genuine purpose/intention; a why that inspires the how.

  2. Listen, listen, listen: we propose methods and processes where a diverse groups can listen deeply to each other and to their contexts with an open mind, heart and will. A listening that opens up to the future that wants to emerge through us.

  3. Create holding spaces: we aspire to generate conversations and meetings where trust is developed and participants are able to tap into their real potential, embracing their fears, unknowns and risks.

  4. Activate collective intelligence: we work with concrete and proven methods that enable participants to co-create new ideas and approaches based on what they have listened and learned. This flows naturally when convened by a shared purpose.

  5. Learn from prototypes: we support continuous learning and agile adaptation of plans and actions by prototyping. This allows space for versatility and real learning.

We will integrate this approach in a set of areas in which we believe we can add value to our current and future partners:

  1. Innovating in organisations

  2. Facilitating meaningful processes

  3. Empowering teams

  4. Unfolding leadership

  5. Evolving capacities

  6. Learning and evaluating

None of these areas are new to us, we have accumulated significant experience throughout our and our associates´ work and professional development. We desire to continue working with a broad range of organisations and individuals worldwide who are committed to the wellbeing of all. With our new approach, we believe we can open up endless new possibilities for the future that better respond to the needs and interests of those involved in the processes. Our collective potential can contribute to more sustainable achievements: we hope to create spaces and processes to bring it forward.

Read our next blog post to learn about some of the new things we are already trying out, exploring with partners and want to promote in the near future.

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