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Government agencies and their use of evidence: A webinar to envision together a better future

How can government agencies improve the production and use of evidence to inform their policies? Is there a systematic way to move forward?

Come and learn with us. In the past two years INASP and P&I have developed a framework to understand how context affects the capacity of policymaking agencies to use evidence in policy. We have turned this framework into a practical process by which we help public entities to: 1. Diagnose how they are currently using evidence for policy, 2. Identify and prioritize areas for improvement and 3. Develop change plans.

On October 31st at 4 PM GMT we will share in a Spanish session some lessons learned from two pilots in Perú and Ghana where we have applied the framework to help government agencies detect where they are and what is the best next future for them. Our aim is to briefly present our assumptions and how we have increased our understanding on what and how we can do better in the next iterations of joint work. We are sure this learning can shed light into your current dilemmas and questions.

Who will benefit from this webinar? While everyone in the field is most welcome to join, we think policymakers and civil servants, policy researchers and think tankers, and donors in the policy and research field will be in a great position to engage in this conversation

So, Spanish speakers, pencil the date and join us, there will be good room for discussion, reflection and exchange!

  1. When: October 31st, at 4 PM GMT

  2. Register:

  3. Who: Vanesa Weyrauch and Leandro Echt from P&I and Clara Richards from INASP

This webinar is also part of Semana de la Evidencia, a festival of events on the use of evidence in public policy in Latin America.

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