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A journey to re-discover where our best potential future is

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

[This blog post is part of the P&I series where we share our personal and professional journeys and how they link to a re-thinking of P&I and its purpose. Read the next blog post of the series.]

2019 found P&I´s team members sharing several open and spontaneous conversations about our feelings, drivers, motivations, and disappointments throughout the work we had done in recent years. There was a prevailing sensation of the need to stop and re-ask ourselves: why are we doing what we are doing? Have we reached a milestone in which we need to rethink what our personal and organisational contributions to the world are?

Thus, in December 2019, we decided to invest a whole day in reflecting. P&I’s original purpose no longer served us fully. Personally, we had different feelings of dissatisfaction with our work and the sense that something much more inspiring was open for us to do. So, we started our journey with a discovery session with two questions in mind:

  1. What is P&I’s purpose?

  2. Who can we better serve and why?

In early 2020 the world hit the global Covid-19 crisis, this big pause is for us a great opportunity to let go of the old ways that were no longer meaningful to us and generate a space where the new ideas and approaches can emerge.

In the next series of blogs we’ll be sharing the methods and tools that we used (and are still using) to identify what was that felt stuck, what the deeper purpose for doing our work is, how we see the system we are embedded in and want to change, what are the key problems and leverage points, who most need our work. Having done some internal work individually and collectively, we are now “sensing”, listening to others, talking to trusted friends who can help us answer these questions. To do this sensing we have also used tools that can be useful to others. We believe our journey is worth sharing, transparently and candidly. And being brave to be vulnerable too.

If you are interested in knowing more about these, follow our next posts…

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