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Writing a Case Study II: Policy influence in Local Education in the Philippines

[Editor’s note: This post introduces a new material produced by Anne Lan K. Candelaria for Politics & Ideas. It is an illustration of the case study protocol proposed by the same author, which we published in December 2013.]

san isidro II

This case study discusses the engagement between Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED) and the Local Government of San Isidro in the Philippines between the period 2004 to 2007. Follow this link to download the full document.

The San Isidro case is an example of how dynamic and intricate policy making is at the town level. The case details how the local government of San Isidro operationalized devolution given their limited resources and bureaucratic capacities. This is also an example of how a case study can be written to reflect the policy engagement narrative from both sides (from the partner and from the policymaker). Towards the end, the case study presents lessons learned and how barriers can be transformed into potential sources of advancement for policymaking. It ends with some reflection questions that may be used to guide possible courses of future action for both policy advocates and policymakers alike.

Feel free to comment on your own experiences writing case studies!

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