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What are your thoughts on Capacity Building?

Politics & Ideas welcomes  you to answer a short survey which aims to inform our future capacity building efforts and those of our partners. We would really appreciate your thoughts on this!

Based on the ‘Lessons learned on promoting better links between research and policy in Latin America‘ paper, co-produced by P&I, CIPPEC and GDNet, we are in the process of formulating a new long-term capacity development strategy that will enable us to strategically focus our contribution to efforts by individuals and organisations to better link politics and research.

One of the main lessons we found is that potential participants need to be part of the design of capacity building efforts to ensure their usefulness and relevance. Thus, we believe that your insights are key for our work and would be very grateful if you can spare 10 minutes to answer this survey. Results will be publicized here so that the your time investment benefits others as well.

To answer the survey, please follow this link. Thanks a lot!

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