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The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Knowledge Systems: are we ready?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is bringing both aspirations and concerns  in terms of governance, policy making, and the knowledge systems that inform policy decisions. We believe that by being aware and better understanding the implications of this revolution  in our field, we can contribute to nurturing knowledge eco-systems that promote the wellbeing of all, leaving no one behind.

As part of this initiative, some of us are working on a Discussion paper whose aim is to formulate and share some research questions which we believe are important to investigate further. Our intent is to  stimulate a rich and diverse discussion among researchers, practitioners, policymakers and research funders interested in the implications of the 4IR on policy making and knowledge systems. We also seek to build a research hypothesis around the influence of the 4IR on governance and knowledge systems .

To that end, we are currently interviewing some researchers and policymakers and we would also like to have your own views. If interested in this topic, could you please help us by answering this short survey? We will share results in December! Thanks in advance!

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