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Communications in policy making: making it professional for policy success

Think tanks need to communicate well, to succeed. Much of the emphasis is often on the website, or on high-gloss publications. At the same time, much other communication also matters: emails, memos, letters, reports, press releases, minutes of meetings, and extensive internal communication. The same is true for policy makers: success requires that you get many dimensions of professional communication right.


This handbook, written by Hans Gutbrod, who has worked with think tanks across many countries, highlights four principles, three structures, two formulas and one procedure that will help you get your message across. In particular, the handbook may be useful as an instruction manual to junior staff, to help them understand how they can put the main message first. With more focused communication, senior staff can concentrate on the issues that matter, thus increasing impact. In addition, the book is filled with lots of practical advice, including on how organizations can improve operations with “lessons learned” exercises. Written specifically for a non-Western context, many readers may find it useful for their work.

Interested? You can get the handbook by going into the link below, clicking purchase, and as a special service for readers of Politics & Ideas the handbook is for free (until June 4) by entering A7EDF485A1 at checkout:

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