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Knowledge to Policy Action Learning Lab for policymakers and civil society organisations' leaders in Trinidad and Tobago

​Project brief

P&I developed and delivered an Action Learning Lab to enable new systemic and integral ways to tackle wicked problems in Trinidad and Tobago. The Lab aimed at strengthening 30 policymakers´ and civil society leaders´ capacities to make strategic decisions that integrate different types of relevant knowledge and multiple perspectives about challenges and potential solutions. During 9 months , participants co-created and experimented with ideas for solving the pressing issues they face around immigration, education, waste, racism, gender violence, among other issues. The Lab was delivered through a learning virtual platform, and included monthly webinars, ad hoc sessions, written modules, individual and group assignments, mentoring calls, and guest speakers.

January to September 2021

Pan American Development Foundation (PADF)

Blog post

Knowledge to Policy Lab: a collective way to co-create solutions for pressing policy problems

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