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...we believe in the underlying potential of all of us to co create a new ecology for our knowledge systems ...

Purpose & Ideas (P&I) is committed to helping identify and activate the potential that exists in people and in groups through co-creative and participatory spaces and processes. Today´s problems are increasingly complex and interdependent: we need an ecological approach to renew our systems. We are ready to awaken collective intelligence and co-create prototypes based on genuine collaboration. P&I is committed to do so!

Our Work

Innovating in organisations

Many organisations and leaders desire to better embrace and co create change for a better future. We assist you in that process.


Leaders have traditionally played a pivotal role in organisations but we need new ways of leading. We inspire and help you to become the type of leader the future needs

Systematising useful knowledge

We are passionate about generating knowledge that is meaningful and useful for those working in the knowledge and policy field.


With a mix of interactive learning approaches and activities we help a wide range of stakeholders.


We use different methods and tools that enable more inclusive, agile, and fruitful interactions.

Learning &

We have experience in multi-country and multi-stakeholder programmes, projects and organisational evaluation. 

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