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The future of think tank communications in Peru

Two months ago, a group of UK based think tank communicators organised an event on the future of think tank communications.

In response, GRADE and On Think Tanks are organising the first of several events on a similar topic. The event is being advertised via Eventbrite:

And counts with the participation of a number of local practitioners including:

  1. Paula Pino Velázquez, Information and Communication Unit, GRADE

  2. Luis Eduardo Cisneros, Head of Communications at the Ministry of the Environment

  3. Hans Rothgiesser, Head of Web Content for Semana Económica

  4. Norma Correa, Researcher at the Catholic University and author of several studies on think tanks and the politics of knowledge.

The main presenters will share their own experiences and views on the future of communications for policy research centres in Peru. Their views will be relevant to other contexts across the developing world.

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